Here we’re depicting about what is done and what is coming according to our Roadmap

Sustainable roadmap is important part of the project delivery. We have a sustainable tokenomics of the project designed so that to be viable despite the market turbulences and at the same time we’re reactive to the market conditions and act flexibly depend on the market and product demand.

what is done



Burn of game idea

We assembled a team of enthusiasts and identified the key elements of the game concept.


In our own in-house video production we’ve compiled a trailer that you have to watch in case you still haven’t.

White paper

We wrote the white paper in collaboration with Peter Vesterbacka, the developer of angry birds.

4 gaming regimes

We developed and playtested 4 gaming regimes that are ready for beta-testing on bigger audience and are about to be published: Deathmatch, Team-vs-team, Juggernout and Single Player mode.

Qubix Runner

We developed and published mini-game Qubix Runner for iOS (available via TestFlight) and Android (available in Google Play) that are parts of the Metaverse puzzle.

VFX effects

We developed the VFX effects of 52 abilities for 7 characters that are live and designed from the concept art stage to the modellers and CGI designers to the Unity scene for the better immersion in the gameplay.



We developed and published all the required smart-contracts for the game in order to redistribute tokens after game results on the Solidity (i.e. compatible with Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain etc.).

Qubix Duel

We developed and published mini-game Qubix Duel for iOS (also available via TestFlight) and Android (also available in Google Play). Both games are published without token integration just for the gaming testing and will be utilized as the complex marketing airdrop system.

referral program

We developed the pre-release referral program that allows users to invite friend and to mine the QBXC currency even before the game release.

The bot accumulates all the referees of the 1st and 2nd levels and encourages the referral with the corresponding QBXC value equivalent right at the TGE event. The bot is available in Telegram.


Matchmaking server is developed and delivered via microservices infrastructure for the traffic scaling and game sustainability on the Amazon Services. Now we have 4 services ready on working: USA, Europe (Germany), Dubai (UAE) and in Mumbai (India)

Matchmaking algorithm is developed to form teams so that it’s each game is balanced properly and interesting to play. We applied ELO rating system for the matchmaking algorithm.

Release a gameplay trailer

We developed a big CGI scene of all the elements and designed more than 128 3D models of different qubixes. Those modeles’ve beed delivered via Houdini and Cinema4D, and exported to Unity environment. In our own in-house video production we’ve compiled a trailer that you have to watch in case you still haven’t.


Pre-demo of the game with the basic gaming mechanic is published on our website. You can try it in PvE mode.

Also we published and playtested Demo of the Room in the deathmatch mode for PvP mode.

WoW Summit in Dubai

We made a presentation of the Qubix Infinity on the scene of WoW Summit in Dubai in March 2022 and have presented the project at the special key note speech on the conference: [video]

We presented a game in the real-time tournament of the game guilds from the big scene of Metacon conference in Dubai in June, 2022 [videos].

NFT rooms

We designed and developed 16 different Rooms with unique maps that we’re about to present soon as NFTs. Each Room is designed for a better fit at specific gaming regime.



Special QBXM token

We published a lot of live gameplays and run live tournaments but nothing can be close to the real emotions you get from the real-time play. Probably the most anticipated thing to happen. Fingers crossed!

We will develop a special QBXM token which have a marketing utility. This token will be available for beta-testing so that users can exchange the centralized token from the battlegrounds of beta test to a live QBXC token after Token Generation Event.


More conferences. We are preparing several tournaments using our token and involving partner tokens. If you another conference that fits us well or you’re from the organizing committee please contact us via email or in the telegram.


We plan to run the open beta test on all our multiplayer servers ready for the new users. The PvP Arena and Training Arena will be published at this stage.

First NFT collection of the Qubixes will be to be sold out. It will continue in parallel with airdrop events.

TGE (in case we postpone from the Q3 of 2022) Early developed gaming smart-contracts will be published to redistribute tokens in the testnet.

smart-contracts audit

We will hold a smart-contracts audit. We’re currently talking with Certik but if you want suggest us more audits please contact us via email or telegram.

first tournament

We will conduct the first tournament for the all the users to play based on the binary system of matchmaking to find the main Heroes of the first battle.

We will continue to set up new partnerships with Game Guilds, Blockchains, Pools and other web3-projects.


new modes and NFT

Nobody looks that far except our product lead. So in half a year from the current moment we’re planning to release Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Capture The Flag (CTF) modes and playtest them with our community.

We also plan to launch a special “Raid” mode for the owners of NFT Rooms designed for the Game Guilds, clans, and professional gaming communities.

We plan to deliver 16 new Rooms and 32 NFT qubixes for a higher variety of gameplay.

customization of the Rooms

The functionality of the basic customization of the Rooms will be also published.

Marketplace in the beta

At this stage we will deliver the Marketplace in the beta mode so that first qubixes are bought and sold from users to users.
We will collect and handle the first major gaming feedback from our users and will send it as an input for our game designers and game analytics. We will also cc-ing our Product in email. We handle seriously things like this one.

Token Generation Event

TGE with public sales and active marketing. If you are interested in marketing partnership, please contact our marketing team.

release of the Room Builder

The Q2 will be started with the release of the Room Builder. This mechanics allows users to own Rooms and earn commissions from each game played in the Room.

We will release the functionality of the customization of the Room with branding identity translated on the screens and special holographic projections.

decomposition of the qubix structure

We also believe that the feedback collected and sent to our analytics team during the Q1 of 2023 will be analysed and the hypotheses will be formulated and the backlog will be saturated with new tasks and features projected in the users demand. Our Product says that this is right thing to do (and I’m just writing).

We plan to deliver the decomposition of the Qubix structure at this stage so that the Qubix is the complex NFT containing different NFTs. To know more about our NFT technology stack you can reach our partners websites: GONFTY, Unique.Network, Unitbox.

Weekly tournament

The first systematic weekly PvP tournament will held a place.

Sandbox regime

We will release the Sandbox regime for the public free-to-play matches so all users can train for free and check new abilities and skills of qubixes.

New NFTs will be released and dropped including those of Rooms, Qubixes, Qubix structure elements (weapons, facets, armory and core) and Laboratory modules.

NfTs renting functionality

NFTs renting functionality delivered with the help of Unitbox will be published on our released Marketplace.

first season pass

The first season pass with LVL mechanics and rewards for them will be released.

The mechanics of Divisions and Leagues will be published.

Cooperative Dungeon

We will deliver the release of Cooperative Dungeon Traversal which is a unique collective Qubix Infinity mechanic.

QBXC Bank for stacking capability

QBXC Bank for staking capability, and advanced referral program will be launched. (This is small point yet this is a major financial instrument that will not leave indifferent any crypto enthusiast.).


release Laboratory

We will launch the system of upgrades of the Qubixes and their constitutes via Laboratory release. It will allow users to create own NFTs and upgrade ‘em to crucially dominate on the battleground.

This is not the end

All the main parts of the central core-loop will be published at this point during the whole Roadmap (PvP Arena, Training Arena, Marketplace, Room Builder, Laboratory, QBXC Bank). The game will be ready for a new challenging horizons and we’re already on this track.

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