Game Economy

Shares & vesting

The balanced tokenomics aimed to deliver the consistent project development plan. The detailed tokenomics is available here

The vesting of the QBXC is a continuous process projected so that to have a low  pressure on the token value. Thus, the estimated token emission is about 1,3% of tokens monthly and the burning of the token is also part of the model, the vesting period during the first year after TGE is on the picture:

The main goal of the designed tokenomics is to keep the stable price of the token after public sale and this is delivered due to the fair distribution of the token shares and corresponding gaming mechanics

The investors of the project (including Seed, Private and Public rounds) keep 8% of all the token emission (with the corresponding cliff and vesting periods). 2% of tokens are aimed to add to liquidity on the corresponding DEXs and CEXs.

Marketing which is one of the main expenditure object after release aimed to effectively distribute 10% of the token totals supply within projects partners, ambassadors, influencers and KOLs and to loyal users in airdrops via whitelist. The detailed marketing strategy may be found here.

The reserve of tokens is aimed to keep some resources for possible unforeseen situations, for further developments, for the introduction of new unique gaming and economic mechanics, as well as, if necessary, an increase in marketing costs for new campaigns.

For the team of developers as well as for the acknowledged project advisors 12% of tokens are kept with the corresponding cliff and vesting period.

Zero sum core loop 

PvP Regimes available for a play

Token redistribution system in public PvP mode:

  • Each player buys ticket for QBXC
  • The winner distribute the winning pot (95%) and earned the bonus
  • Commission is earned by Room Owner (2%)
  • Commission is earned by Qubix Infinity (2%)
  • Commission is earned by referral (1%)

Sustainable business model is one of the main features of Qubix Infinity besides attractive game content and high-quality gameplay. It provides proportional token distribution among all owners of the token, allowing all of them to play in the battle room. Thus, players are able to choose a room with ticket price that fits their pocket. 

Token Utility

PvP Regimes available for a play

The key feature of the QBXC value growth and stability is about its backing with different altcoins and stablecoins as USDT and BUSD. The backing scheme of the QBXC is depicted on the following picture:

The utility of the QBXC token is justified by its wide applicability within the different parts of the metaverse:


The special referral program of Qubix Infinity will help gamers to acquire additional support of resources, as you earn each time when your referral earns. Good luck to build the most influential community with of referrals with Qubix Infinity!