The Qubix Infinity metaverse covers complete economical and gaming user experiences. About economical parts of Qubix Infinity check out the site section: Game Economy. The Qubix Infinity core game loop is based on the dynamic real-time shooting experience implemented in isometric style of the good old times.

In case you still missed our gaming trailer!

Take a chance to be the best one on the battlefields of Qubix Infinity:

Explore the different locations of the metaverse and the partner Rooms:

Be the most successful at capturing the rival’s flag:

The classic of the fury death match:

Master the skill and empower it with the variety of the weapon classes:

And of course keep out your appearance bright and unique

A variety of different skins and attributes are available in the Marketplace and as bonuses right at the battlegrounds

Utilise powerful skills kept deep inside the Qubix digital core:

Qubix Infinity includes more than 32 unique characters super spells available for play depending on the Qubix characteristics

Delivering our game we’ve been inspired by the best projects. You will find a dozens of references while playing Qubix Infinity from Quake III to Pacman. We’re proud to learn from the best and to transfer this knowledge and experience via unique gaming mechanics and atmosphere to the web3 community