Qubix Infinity allows unique cooperation model with different web3-projects as Game Guilds, Blockchains, Farming pools, DEXs and other projects with own community and own native token. The cooperation is based on the win-win model of integration of the partners’ token to Qubix Infinity and binding of the QBXC to the partners tokens and stable coins.

What is Qubix Infinity?

The Qubix Infinity is a game which is based on the PvP mode, where users buy tickets for a native token QBXC in order to play and then distribute the winnings between the winners of the match.

Integration of your token with Qubix Infinity metaverse

Qubix Infinity has a unique mechanic of integration with different tokens. After integration of the new token, it will appear in the full gaming Rooms list in the Qubix Infinity platform. It means that Qubix Infinity community is able to choose a Room to play for the tokens that are available for a specific user (not exactly QBXC).

Why to integrate token with Qubix Infinity?

Generally speaking, integration of your token with Qubix Infinity increases the demand for your token within Qubix Infinity and your own community. It will also brings new users to your community and make them more involved.

What are the features of the integration?

  • Qubix Infinity increases organic transactions of integrated token due to the matches played in the Room of the token
  • Qubix Infinity will deliver the Room with unique branded design for the new token
  • Qubix Infinity will advertise the new token by means of explaining the utility of the token on the platform of Qubix Infinity
  • Qubix Infinity will distribute the new tokens within the QBXC holders making them interested to play a game for the earned token amount

We will use $TOKEN which is our example token to depict the partnership scheme.

How to become a partner?

In order to become a partner you have to leave a request for Partnership with Qubix Infinity. We will form a list of first partners for the first release with the most promising tokens.

If you want us to review your project and to consider your token to be integrated to Qubix Infinity please fill out the form:

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