Qubix 3127

By the year 3127 humanity has reached far beyond the home planet and its solar system. Building highly advanced space stations and cities. As the technology developed, humans built Qubixes – powered by state of the art artificial intelligence, durable, adaptable robots. A valuable asset to help conquer the cosmos

Insensitive cube

At first those robots were used at the companies that developed them, to take on hard and dangerous labors. But soon enough the idea of a helpful cube was taken outside the company bounds… but it failed.

It was hard for a human to believe and to care about an emotionless cube with lights and buttons. As it was a thousand years ago – people were afraid those thing they did not understand.


Great minds that developed the Qubix in the first place thought about it and came with a solution, presenting a new model with simple, yet comprehensive facial plate module, that allowed Qubix to show simple emotions and react almost humanly to the situation.

Thanks to marketing geniuses those new models quickly gained the interest of the public and became highly demanded among common people.


Years went by, production of Qubixes raised and the amount of companies that made those helpful cubes scaled up, and areas where people could use Qubixes became increasingly vast.

As the time went by, those simply shaped and cutely smiling cubes advanced to a level at which they were sent to nearby asteroid and far off planets to mine resources.

Irreplaceable robots

In the span of merely 20 years they became irreplaceable in space travels, thus leaving Corporations behind the production with a question:
Who would hold the monopoly to make new Qubixes?

The competition quickly escalated, and became a real war. In the race to be the prime developer – the Corporations searched and savagely destroyed Qubixes of their competitors

.In this war – the emotion that appeared on the facial plate that allowed to popularize Qubix – now became their weakness.

They were easy to influence with negative emotions: when Qubix saw a sad or an angry expression they became confused, puzzled leaving them vulnerable.

Virtual battlefields

Qubix with a permanent imprint of anger left the production line…
The Corporations frequently destroyed Qubixes of smaller companies without a doubt, leaving them bankrupt.

The free miners – fearing for their survival – desperately tried to stay alive in this war. They united in their attempt to fight off the Corporations, creating virtual battlefields for Qubixes to learn to fight.

There Qubix could select and test different parts and modules, strategies and tactics, go on different environments to enlarge self-learning AI’s database and prepare to any unexpected situation.

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